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Dr Philomena Donnelly - Philosophy for Children
June 08, 2015 12:31 PM PDT
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Yes! For kids. A great conversation with Dr Philomena Donnelly (St Pats, Drumcondra) on how kids can be guided to engage in Socratic dialogue, eg questioning what they hear, and being able to defend an opinion - or change it if they deem it be be ... wrong (she mentions how adults have a hard time admitting they are wrong. Surely, she can't be right.)

Thank you.

Also at https://soundcloud.com/gerardcounihan


I also have a few shows at: http://gerrycounihanradio211063.podomatic.com

Spread the words.

Psychiatrist Dr Pradeep Chadha on Subjective Emotive Therapy
June 02, 2015 01:09 AM PDT
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Dr Pradeep kindly gave me his time to explain the spiritual richness of his Indian childhood; his curiosity about the human mind and his belief that mental health treatment should not rely so heavily on medication.

To do Dr Pradeep justice, I have edited out my questions. Hence, we get a very comprehensive picture of his work and his beliefs.

Thank you, Dr Pradeep. Thank you all for listening, and please share this programme. gerardcounihan@gmail.com

Dr Pradeep K Chadha, BR Clinic Stress Centre, 2, Weavers Row, Clonsilla Road, Dublin 15, Ireland. Phone: 35318242666. http://www.drpkchadha.com/

Emotional Wellness for physical and mental health
- A drugless form of psychiatric service
- Hypnotherapy & Imagery
- Psychotherapy
- Nutritional Medicine applied to mental health
- Integrative Psychiatry

Also at https://soundcloud.com/gerardcounihan

Check out http://gerrycounihanradio211063.podomatic.com for a few more programmes

Philosophy In The Classroom
May 01, 2015 05:03 AM PDT
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A BAI-funded programme, produced and presented by Hugh Hick & Gerard Counihan on 103.2 Dublincityfm. also at https://soundcloud.com/gerardcounihan

What is philosophy? Should Irish second-year students be taught philosophy? What are the benefits of it? Would it have helped Ireland if we had been exposed to critical thinking over the past decades?

Guests are: Primary school teacher Ciara Williams, St Benedict’s School, Ongar; The Principal of St Benedict’s, Norah Behan; Niamh Murray, teacher at St Benedict’s;Dr Philomena Donnelly, St Patrick’s Teaching college; Dr Noel Kavanagh, Dept of Philosophy, Carlow College;Pierre Cassan, teacher of philosophy at the Lycee Francais, Clonskeagh, and two of his students Edward Mc Donagh and Mercedes Espejo; St Laurence O Toole’s, Sheriff St - teacher and pupils; Dr Jones Irwin, Lecturer In Philosophy at St Patrick’s and Royal Irish Academy; Constantin Gurdgiev, a Russian economist based in Dublin.Thank you, all. gerardcounihan@gmail.com

I have a few more programmes at: http://gerrycounihanradio211063.podomatic.com

Saol Project, North Inner City, Dublin 1
March 27, 2015 04:32 AM PDT
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A conversation with Gary Broderick, manager of The SAOL Project, which is a person-centred, community-based programme for women in treatment for drug addiction. It aims to create positive meaningful change in the women’s lives through an integrated programme of education, rehabilitation, advocacy, childcare provision (with a focus on early childhood education), progression and aftercare supports. The project’s ethos is informed by respect for the dignity of each woman.http://www.saolproject.ie

Thank you, Gary. gerardcounihan@gmail.com

see also https://soundcloud.com/gerardcounihan

Check out http://gerrycounihanradio211063.podomatic.com

March 02, 2015 02:52 AM PST
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Heather MacLeod and myself produced this programme,funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland with the TV licence fee.

A brief conversation on depression.


see also https://soundcloud.com/gerardcounihan

I am also putting some stuff up on http://gerrycounihanradio211063.podomatic.com/

INSIDE: Ireland's Women's Prisons, Past and Present
February 13, 2015 11:14 AM PST
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A conversation with Christina Quinlan about the profile of a typical female prisoner in Ireland. Thank you, Christina. gerardcounihan@gmail.com

Check out the link below, too


Brian Lynch Gambling Addiction Counsellor
January 12, 2015 09:11 AM PST

Brian converses with me on the above. One of the concepts that comes up is 'the feminisation of gambling'. Also interesting is to think that - according to some research - women tend to go to bingo or to a slot machine salon to seek company and to get a break from stress (paraphrasing!). Men, it appears, have more 'complex' reasons for gambling, eg ego, risk-taking, competitiveness, etc.
Thanks, Brian. gerardcounihan@gmail.com

Check out the link below, too http://gerrycounihanradio211063.podomatic.com/

From Flutter To Gutter - a story of gambling addiction
December 17, 2014 07:36 AM PST

This programme was funded by the BAI with the television licence fee.

This project sees me converse with a range of people who have gambled, have counselled gamblers and who have suffered because of a loved one's gambling addiction.

Thank you to all the contributors, including Tim Coffey, Austin Prior, J A F, Roy Brindley, Brian Lynch, Brian Barry, Gam Anon speaker - and everybody who helped and took part in any way. I am at gerardcounihan@gmail.com

Check out the link below, too http://gerrycounihanradio211063.podomatic.com/

Which Is The Best Music?
October 20, 2014 12:17 PM PDT

A ridiculous question to ask anybody, I hedge, but let's say that I sounded out a range of people - amateurs and professionals - on which genre of music might be a 'cut above the rest'.

Thank you to all my contributors - and you the listeners.


This programme was funded by the BAI with the television licence fee.

Check out the link below, too http://gerrycounihanradio211063.podomatic.com/

Music: In Search of Song
September 18, 2014 02:25 AM PDT

This programme, In Search of Song, was funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) with the television licence fee.

I speak to several people who dedicate their lives, or a large part of their lives,to music and song; converse on the benefits of music and song; the beauty of the human voice; training the voice, and what attracted them to music.

We will hear Blanaid Murphy (Palestrina Choir), Lucy Campion (Anuna), Michael Mc Glynn, the founder of Anuna; Kathleen Tynan Head of Voice Coaching at Royal Academy of Music; Bel Canto singer Andres Martorell; Allison Sleator, Masters Traditional Music Performance;Liz Ryan, Operatic Mezzo Soprano and comedian; Michael Devine and James Whelan.

Thank you, all for your contributions. gerardcounihan@gmail.com

Check out the link below, too http://gerrycounihanradio211063.podomatic.com/

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